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Aionic Mission

We are here to revolutionise visitor information and assistance by leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to create personalised experiences. Aionic is at the forefront of AI development, constantly seeking new ways to improve and expand its capabilities. We aim to remove language barriers and cultural limitations to create a truly inclusive information platform for all. By using data insights to continuously optimise our platform, we are ensuring our system is relevant and effective to the user. Aionic goal is collaborating with stakeholders (venues, technology companies, etc.) to create a fully integrated ecosystem.


David - CTO

Dr. David M. Horowitz is a serial entrepreneur creating AI technology for over 30 years. Having a PHD from MIT, he is one of the world leaders in BCI, Voice technology and Conversational AI


Miguel - Sales and Marketing

Miguel Khan is an AI thought leader with a long standing experience from educational sector to business development. He is responsible for Aionic's sales and marketing

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